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We’re thrilled to announce this truly marking chapter for us: MoldTecs is from now on part of Amaneos, a group of three established, highly specialized automotive suppliers.

By bringing together the three specialized, independently operating companies MoldTecs, LMS and SFC under one roof, Amaneos is poised to become a truly global mobility partner in the automotive space.

Our global strength is a core asset, and as part of Amaneos we’re uniquely positioned to draw on decades of staff expertise, research and development centers around the world, and the latest production technologies to develop ground-breaking products and systems — with the agility of a start-up.

Our operational footprint remains independent, but our competencies underline the Group’s focus on growing operational experience and meeting challenges heads-on. We’re well prepared for the future!

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Points obtained

Maximum number of points for calculable indicators

1- Pay gap (in %) 34 40
2- Individual increases (in % points) 20 20
3- Promotion spreads (in % points) 15 15
4- Percentage of employees receiving a raise when returning from maternity leave (%) 15 15
5- Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest earners 0 dix
INDEX (over 100 points) 84 100

Our progress targets :

Indicator 1: Gender pay gap (34/40)

Progress objective: Eliminate pay gaps between men and women.

  • To this end, a study of any gaps between men and women will be systematically carried out during annual and individual salary reviews.
  • Maintain the budget of 0.1% of payroll devoted to salary adjustments, in line with the GPEC agreement of 2021.

Indicator 5: Share of women in the company’s ten highest-paid employees (0/10)

Progress objective: Increase the proportion of women in management positions.

  • Encourage women to apply whenever a management position becomes available.

The MoldTecs website is live!

After two months of MoldTecs existence and the associated separation from Mann+Hummel, MoldTecs’ own website goes live today.

The homepage has been worked on with great effort and the result makes us really proud. We clearly display all important key data for our various visitor groups: From customers to suppliers to high potentials interested in MoldTecs.
In the future, MoldTecs will present itself on six different sub-pages on the website. The News page will keep all interested stakeholders up to date and ensure that they no longer miss any news about MoldTecs. The About Us section is home to all general information about MoldTecs, such as our history, our management or the location of the individual sites. The Products and Technology section provide a clear overview of the products offered by MoldTecs and the technical processes used in its production. The Careers section provides proven specialists and high potentials with an overview of the open positions offered by MoldTecs. Future employees can also learn about the benefits and development paths available at MoldTecs.

We sincerely hope that this website will provide our visitors with the best possible overview and we are happy for any feedback!

MoldTecs and Mutares: A strong team.

In the next months, experts from Mutares will work hand in hand with MoldTecs employees and support them.

The decoupling of the MoldTecs sites from the former headquarters in Ludwigsburg has left gaps in some areas of the organization. However, these gaps can be closed by Mutares experts without any problem and thus the daily business can continue smoothly. In addition, the Mutares consultants will further improve MoldTecs with their professional expertise. Through strong teamwork between Mutares and MoldTecs colleagues, new business areas will be created and hidden potentials will be uncovered. This support is the ideal catalyst to establish MoldTecs as an independent company in the market. In tandems, Mutares consultants will work together with the respective heads of the specialist departments of MoldTecs. By ideally combining the external, unbiased view of Mutares and the in-depth specific expertise of MoldTecs, this combination will undoubtedly lead to the best result for the overall company.

Both sides are already looking forward to the good cooperation!


Ramp-up of sites in the USA and China progresses

In addition to MoldTecs’ existing plants in Laval, Sonneberg and Bad Harzburg, sites in China and the USA are set up in the long term.

As a result of the carve-out from Mann+Hummel, the entire non-filtration business was transferred to MoldTecs. However, the projects transferred are not limited to Europe like the production sites taken over, but are scattered around the globe. In order to achieve the best results for our local customers, MoldTecs has taken the decision to set up a plant in the USA, as well as a plant in China.

Initial preparations are already underway and a motivated team is already at work at both locations. The team in Asia is headed by Xuehai Shu, the one in the USA by Chip Vogel. Both have many years of experience in the automotive industry as well as in general management and are therefore more than up to the challenging task.

With this strategic decision, MoldTecs is expanding its global presence and continues to position itself as a leading international automotive supplier.

The newly formed MoldTecs GmbH takes over the non-filtration business of Mann+Hummel

As of October 01, 2022, Mutares SE & Co. KGaA has taken over the non-filtration business of MANN+HUMMEL International GmbH & Co. KG as MoldTecs GmbH. The deal includes the acquisition of the production and global distribution of special high-performance plastic parts for the automotive industry at the three production sites in Sonneberg, Bad Harzburg (both Germany) and Laval (France). In the long term, further production sites are planned to be ramped-up in the USA and China. In this way, customers outside Europe will also be able to enjoy MoldTecs qualitative products in the future.

The buyer, Mutares, is an investment company that takes over companies in transitional situations and uncovers potential through sustainable realignment. In the case of MoldTecs, the private equity fund particularly appreciates the sound know-how and the motivation of the employees. Heiko Baufeld (Co-CEO) and Pierre-Yves Guégan (Co-CEO) state: “We encourage our employees to be in regular contact with us, because their experience and ideas are important to us.

The key to successful further development, in the eyes of the Co-CEOs, is the right orientation into the future, coupled with the newfound flexibility of a medium-sized company. Detached from the large Mann+Hummel Group, MoldTecs is now in a position to adapt much more quickly and flexibly to the needs of customers and the development of the market environment. For example, the company sees the planned end of the combustion engine as an opportunity to shape the future through electromobility together with the OEMs.