Points obtained

Maximum number of points for calculable indicators

1- Pay gap (in %) 34 40
2- Individual increases (in % points) 20 20
3- Promotion spreads (in % points) 15 15
4- Percentage of employees receiving a raise when returning from maternity leave (%) 15 15
5- Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest earners 0 dix
INDEX (over 100 points) 84 100

Our progress targets :

Indicator 1: Gender pay gap (34/40)

Progress objective: Eliminate pay gaps between men and women.

  • To this end, a study of any gaps between men and women will be systematically carried out during annual and individual salary reviews.
  • Maintain the budget of 0.1% of payroll devoted to salary adjustments, in line with the GPEC agreement of 2021.

Indicator 5: Share of women in the company’s ten highest-paid employees (0/10)

Progress objective: Increase the proportion of women in management positions.

  • Encourage women to apply whenever a management position becomes available.